Tayshia Adams Admits It Was ‘Hard’ Being Away From Zac Clark While Filming Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette Season

Long-distance relationships aren’t always full of roses — and no one knows that better than former Bachelorette Tayshia Adams.

The 30-year-old reality star, who fell in love with Zac Clark on season 16 of the reality dating series, recently opened up on The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous podcast about the ups and downs the popular couple have experienced since getting engaged last year. Specifically, Tayshia admitted that hosting Katie Thurston’s journey to find love took a huge toll on their relationship:

​​”I think after that, it was kinda like we need to remember why we were with each other. And I think that that’s absolutely normal. … It’s hard to be in a new relationship and then kind of go away for a couple of weeks, you know what I mean? And this is me being real and honest.”

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While the television personality was super excited for this current season, she found it incredibly challenging to work on the show while being separated from Zac as it reminded her of their love story:

“For me, I’m not going to lie, because it was so close to, like, my season, I feel like I kinda was in my feels a lot of the journey. I would even text Zac and be like, ‘I’m thinking of us through this thing.’ ‘I’m thinking of how you kind of stressed out, like, [with me] going on a date or how I was feeling.’ It was tough for me, I was crying a lot.”

Tayshia didn’t dive into the specific details about their hardships, but offered an important reminder to passionate fans that not everything is going to be smooth-sailing 100 percent of the time, explaining:

“People don’t need to need to know our story, but like, I think people need to know that even when two people are heavily in love, you still go through things. Like, okay, we need to remember where we came from.”

And before Bachelor Nation freaks out, yes, they are still together! The influencer revealed the two navigated their rough patch by reminiscing and figuring “out why we got in this in the first place.”

Sounds like healthy communication at its finest!

This isn’t the first time that Tayshia and Zac have created concerns for their dedicated audiences. In March, they sparked breakup rumors after a fan spotted the California native without her engagement ring. However, Adams shut down the accusations at the time, saying:

“I don’t know what is happening…But you guys, I was holding my phone with my left hand. I love that there’s so much love & support around our relationship but please don’t put unnecessary rumors/pressure on us. Annnnyyywayysss lol, now that that is cleared up, let’s keep putting out positive energy as we head into this week. @zwclark I love you.”

Fortunately, things have seemingly been better for the duo!

We’ll have to see how this couple holds up while Tayshia heads out to film for Michelle Young‘s upcoming season! Thoughts on her honest admission, Bach fans? Do you think they’ll end up breaking up in the future? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Tayshia Adams/Instagram]

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