How To Wear A Leather Trench Coat For Looking Stylish

The trench coat is an essential part of a stylish gentleman’s wardrobe. For information, it was originally created for army officers and it was created by British clothier Thomas Burberry. He invented the wool fabric called gabardine which is resistant to the elements. This resistant garment is used by the soldiers fighting in the trenches.

After World War I, the trench coat was adopted by common people and become a popular coat style for both men and women.

The trench coat characteristics are the style, the fabric, and the colors. Traditionally the trench coat is double-breasted, belted, and comes with lapels. It is a raincoat that has straps around the wrists and also has shoulder and buckle straps.

Trench coats are made of cotton gabardine, waxed cotton, suede, and leather. The khaki-colored coat is the classic version. Other colors available are grey, army green, navy, or black.

Here we are going to see how we can style the trench coat. The Trench is the universal coat that suits any outfit. It gives a more elegant look with all outfits from formal to casual, from earthy to sports.

Trench coat with a suit

The trench is the versatile coat that goes well with any outfit. The formal wardrobe is not a stranger to the trench coat. It enhances the tailored look with a matching suit and trench. Choose the color of the trench that suits the formal suit.

The official goers can make them more stylish with a tan trenchcoat and a grey plaid suit. Along with black sunglasses and a vertical striped tie you will look like a fashion expert. The combination of a navy trench coat and a black suit is well suited for perfect gentlemen. For a more traditional look, you can pair a beige trench coat with a black suit.

Trench coat with casuals outfits

You can also go stylish with casuals and a trench coat.  It is also perfectly suited with casuals for office looks. To create a smooth and stylish look pair a beige trenchcoat and white jeans. For a refined and rugged image go for a charcoal trenchcoat and dark brown pants pair. You can improve smartness with a navy long sleeve shirt.

To be neat and stylish go for the pairing of the tan trenchcoat and grey dress shirt.

Trench coat with sporty outfits

Trench coat also works well with sporty outfits as like with other outfits. It is mentioned already that it is a universal coat that can suit any outfit.

With the combination of jeans and sneakers, the trench coat gives brings out your sporty looks. In sporty looks worn a trench coat open and let the belt loosely knotted to be more relaxed.

A Combination of a tan trenchcoat and navy jeans is the perfect pair for all outfits. For added look, you can mix up with white and red and navy horizontal striped sneakers. A beige trenchcoat paired with a white crew-neck tee will add extra style to your casual look. It gives completeness with a pair of black athletic shoes.

Another combination that adds essence to your casual looks is a beige trenchcoat and black jeans along with a white and black print crew-neck tee.

Style with Belting up Trench Coat

Sometimes tying the belt will give stylish look. Don’t be overly concerned while tying the belt. Try the Half tied at the front or a double-tie to the side to make it more natural and freestyle. Leave some gap between the ends meet and tie the belt to look effortlessly. It is the best practice during the summer.

Coloured Trench Coats

The different coloured trench coats are becoming trending while going for more casuals. Some of the common colors available are white tan, black, and navy. Apart from this other key colors are raincoat yellows, forest green, and faded deep red. All these colors are well suited with full black pairs.

With the above-mentioned details, it has been shown that the trench coat is one of the stylish wardrobes that fit with all outfits and can wear on all occasions and climates.

While you are buying the trench coat considering or having some knowledge about trench coats are added advantages.

Know about the design and material used in the trench coat. Cotton gabardine is the common material used, which is a tightly woven and breathable fabric. It protects against the elements.

Choosing the matching color is also essential to add a stylish look. Blue, green, and burgundy are trendy now. But the camel, beige, and taupe are classic and best of all time.

You can try single-breasted trenches which are also more protective and stylish. As a final point choose the trench coats that fit into your body. You will not get a stylish look oversize or too small size.

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