ELLE Korea reveals The Avengers of K-pop

What does it mean to mightily wield the heroic name of the greatest group of super heroes of all time? Are you worthy enough to hold Thor’s Mjolnir or brave enough to be the next Iron Man? Is there someone out there in the Korean music industry powerful enough to take on Thanos? 

SuperM, globally known as “The Avengers of K-pop”, is a unit assembled of seven multi-talented individuals named Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyoung, Ten, Lucas, and Mark each already belonging to their respective groups but combined as a new supergroup to establish a new chapter in the K-pop industry. 

In await of their first full-length album dubbed “Super One” set to release on the 25th of September, ELLE Korea excitedly revealed a modish group cover of their upcoming October issue then followed by individual covers of the members looking ready to slay the runway at the next Seoul Fashion Week. Naturally, it did not take long until their full-fledged aficionados heard the news and pre-ordered their copies. 

Be sure to place your orders from these retailers below real quick not because they are limited, but because they will vanish the second Thanos snaps his fingers!

And while you’re here, don’t forget to watch their recent comeback titled “Tiger Inside”.

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